Architecturally designed Roche Estate, located in the heart of the Hunter Valley wine country, is a stunning venue that offers award winning wines, exceptional concert experiences and fine dining.

Roche Estate 2

Roche Estate approached Owen Signs seeking a statement sign that will tie in with their existing architecture and branding.

We believe that the little details make a big difference, and applied this in the design of our signage solution for Roche Estate. We wanted the sign to be attention grabbing and unique but still reflect the architectural feel of the venue. We created a sculptural monument sign that used different depths to capture attention and evoke intrigue. The backing panel is geometrically styled to look like a folded piece of paper. The different depths of the folds meant we were challenged with fabricating lettering that would sit flush at their faces. Each individual letter had a different depth to sit flush against the backing panel. Its this attention to detail that steps the Roche Estate sign up from being ‘just a sign’ to being an impacting, sculptural statement.

Roche Estate

The Roche Estate monument sign makes an impact during daylight but we were still faced with the challenge of illumination during the night that wouldn’t detract from the sculptural design of the sign. We decided to use floodlight illumination from the footing of the sign to utilise the shadows created to emphasise the sculptural depths of the lettering and the folded backing panel. The detail shaped by the shadows created drama and added to the sculptural aspect of the sign.

Roche Estate 4


Roche Estate 2.2


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