We are creators and innovators. We are communicators who connect with people and their vision. We believe its the little details that make the biggest impact.


Who We Are

Owen Signs is built on a foundation of over four decades experience, operating out of Newcastle NSW since 1976, in signage design, manufacture and installation. A family run business, we pride ourselves on our reliability, quality workmanship and genuine care for our customers’ interests. We love to work creatively on projects that have a positive impact on the wider community.

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What We Do

Our team take a craftsmanship approach to each project, ensuring attention to detail and having a hands-on approach to each stage of development and manufacture. We strive to create something unique and out of the box to set you apart from everyone else.

Our approach to our projects is born from a passion for design and manufacture. Our in-house design team work with you to develop branding strategies that you can carry throughout your entire organisation. Combine our design capability with our manufacturing facility and you are assured an experience that will give your business edge over your competition.



Signs are an important player in the way that people interact with their built environment. We see signage as not just a random appendage but rather an extension of the architecture and environment in which it resides.


Design is more than just a nice looking logo. It is about making sure that, at every point along the way, the essence of who you are is clearly and consistently portrayed. Everything we do is centred on design.

We believe the planning process is fundamental in the success of any project. Our staff are happy to arrange a meeting where you can sit down with the team over a cup of coffee and discuss your idea.

Owen Signs places great emphasis on the graphic design of your project. Our design team draw on years of experience in design and branding to deliver creative solutions to your brief. Having strong branding is the backbone of your business, and how it sets you apart from your competitors. We strive to understand our business needs to provide you with unique, eye-catching solutions to your branding and signage needs, helping your brand reach its full potential.

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We work in a measured, planned and safe fashion, ensuring attention to detail across the multitude of manufacturing disciplines carried out in-house at our facility in Newcastle NSW. We use the highest calibre of equipment, tools and materials to achieve brilliant results.

Our purpose built facility in Newcastle allows us to print, fabricate and assemble all of our projects in-house. Our team of creative approach each project with a craftsmanship attitude, paying attention to the littlest details and taking care along each step of the assembly process, to ensure the highest level of quality control.

We use only the highest calibre of technology, equipment and material to achieve brilliant results that reflect our craftsmanship approach. This approach allows for production of creative, quirky results that will make your business stand out from the rest.


We love to partner with startups that are passionate and ready to try something new. We understand that big products are often designed to a small budget! If you’re looking to take it to the next level, our home in Newcastle is the centre-point for brand rollouts and delivery nation wide. Our trusted logistics and an installation network allows us to deliver projects across Australia.

Owen Signs will manage the installation of your project and the implementation of your brand. We have a team of expert sign installers servicing NSW, and an extensive national network of trusted installers. We will also manage all permits and council approvals, engineers’ specification/certification and traffic management solutions.

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